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Like any growing mammal, a baby rhino needs exercise. When Mbizhi was very young, she loved to play, whether by herself or with the rhino minders. Here you can see her chasing one of her caretakers.

Playful Mbizhi -- October 1997

But watch out! Rhinos can run quite fast and are quite strong. A playful human-raised baby rhino can give a person plenty of scars if you are not careful. (Believe me, I know.)

An adult rhino can actually cause serious injury to a person. Black rhinos in the wild are solitary animals and are known for being cheeky. They can charge at any time, so you do not want to creep up to one to surprise him or her -- unless you are prepared to quickly climb up a nearby tree to safety.

Rhinos have fairly poor eyesight but do have a keen sense of smell.

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