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Please check out these great sites:

Tashinga Photo Gallery - Rhino photos and info here....
Rhino Photo Gallery - More (non-Tashinga) rhino photos. Take a look!
About Black Rhinos - This is a great page!
Rhino Extinction - Learn about why rhinos are facing extinction....
The Rhino and Elephant Foundation - Check it out.
The Khama Rhino Sanctuary Trust - See what they're all about.
Black Rhino Information - There's some good info here.
World Wildlife Fund - The World of WWF.
World Wildlife Fund - WWF and Rhinos.
Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe (formerly The Wildlife Society of Zimbabwe) - A dedicated environmental / wildlife welfare organization.
Zimbabwe Travel - So, you wanna go to Zimbabwe?
Help the Rhinos - How can you help the rhinos? Find out some ways here.

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