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30 Reasons to go Vegetarian...

Animals are my friends.

It's not simply because I think animals are beautiful, amazing, cute, or interesting. More importantly, it's because they're worthy of our respect as living beings. Animals are inherently no different than humans, and in fact, humans are animals too! We all must work together to end animal exploitation and make our world a better place for all.

Not everyone will love every kind of animal that exists, but that's no reason to abuse and exploit them. We should still ALL practice basic respect and compassion for all living beings. Why? They share our planet with us, and each species has its place in nature. It's also clear that animals have the capacity to feel pain and a variety emotions, just like humans do!
Unfortunately, because every species has a different communication system and a different social system, most animals cannot effectively convey their opinions and feelings to humans. This is why animal rights organizations step in to help give a voice to all animals.

Every day, rainforest and other animal habitats are being destroyed at alarming rates. Wild animals are being captured and torn apart from their families to stock animal research labs. Wild and domestic animals are being bred for research purposes, only to die in anguish or be killed at the end of the torturous studies. Lab animals, as "specimens" for cosmetic, psychological, and medical tests, are suffering in constant confinement, stress, and pain. Animals are being exploited in circuses, rodeos, and other forms of human "entertainment." Animals are being hunted and brutally killed for "sport," vanity, and other unnecessary purposes. And, sadly, this list could go on for pages!

The abuse and mistreatment of animals by humans should not be tolerated! Please think about the animals every time you buy products that were tested on them; wood that was produced from rainforest trees where they live; tickets to animal shows and animal sporting events; meat, leather, and especially fur, ivory, and other animal products. Or, better said, don't buy those things at all! The animals will thank you!

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
--Mahatma Gandhi

For more information, please check out the following links!

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: The first humane organization in the Western Hemisphere. See what the ASPCA is doing in an effort to end animal cruelty and suffering.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: Discover PETA's efforts to end animal suffering.
The Humane Society of Silicon Valley: Learn about the HSSV's efforts to end animal suffering.
Animal Place: A loving sanctuary in California for abused and discarded farm animals, and a humane education center.
Vegan Action: An organisation dedicated to helping animals, the environment, and human health, and promoting a vegan lifestyle.
Best Friends Animal Society: A loving sanctuary and adoption center in Utah for thousands of dogs, cats, and other animals.
The Elephant Sanctuary: Take a virtual tour of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, and be sure to check out the biographies of its resident elephants.

Vegan Recipes: Learn more about veganism, and try these recipes for main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and more. Yum!
Go Veg: Vegetarian resources, including recipes, benefits, and news.

World Wildlife Fund: This is a great web site with lots of information, so check it out.
Save the Manatee Club: Plunge into the world of the endangered manatee.
Giant Panda: Learn about the endangered panda.
Whooping Crane: Acquaint yourself with the endangered whooping crane.
Meet Mbizhi!: Learn all about the world's most lovable baby black rhino!

Conservation Action Network: Visit this web site and get involved!
The Discovery Channel: Explore the fascinating world of animals and nature through the eyes of the Discovery Channel.
The Public Broadcasting Station: Take a look at what's in store on PBS's Nature programs in the coming months.
Humane USA: Learn about what you can do to help animals through the US government.

The Official Moby Web Site.: An awesome musician and wonderful person. Be sure to see what he's up to by visiting this site.
The Official U2 Web Site.: Quite possibly the world's greatest musical band. Check out their web site; it might satiate your soul.
Sinisa Belosevic's Web Page: If you like Kim Wilde, check out this site, and take a walk on the Wilde side!
Nancy Wen's Home Page: Visit my ex-roommate's cool web site!

Animal rights is based on the concept that non-human animals have the same inherent rights as humans do. These are basic rights to life, respect, and kindness. It is my dream that one day all people will extend their feelings of compassion to ALL animals, so that we may all live together in harmony.

Let the voices of the animals be heard!


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