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What are cubes?

Cubes are a nutritional supplement fed to the rhinos twice a day. The amounts fed to a particular rhino depend on the rhino's weight and age.

Ideally, the cubes fed to the rhinos would be "rhino cubes," made of matter such as leaves, twigs, and other browseable material. However, these types of cubes are difficult to obtain, due to the rarity as well as expensive cost.

So instead, the rhinos receive "horse cubes," made of matter such as grass, hay, and other grazeable vegetation. Since black rhinos are browsers, horse cubes are not the ideal nutritional supplement; however, they are good substitute.

The rhinos are carefully weaned off the cubes prior to their release into the wild, so that they do not have a dependency on them while in the wild. They must be able to find all food on their own as any other wild animal.

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