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What can YOU do to help the rhinos
at Tashinga Camp and Matusadona National Park?

Support cruelty-free items and manufacturers only. Do NOT purchase items containing rhino horn or other rhino parts.

Learn more about black rhinos (and rhinos in general) by checking out the excellent sites listed on the rhino links web page or at your local library.

Visit Kiplings Safari Lodge, the official sponsor for Kiplings the rhino, or Spurwing Island, the sponsor for Cleopatra the rhino. Both safari lodges are close to Tashinga. Tell them you want to see the rhinos at Tashinga and learn more about them.

Visit Matusadona Water Lodge or Musango Safari Camp, who have also helped support the rhinos at Tashinga. Both safari lodges are 10-15 minutes from Tashinga by speedboat. Again, tell them you want to see the rhinos at Tashinga and learn more about them.

Visit Tashinga Camp or Umbabala Camp at Matusadona National Park. Once there, you can go on a guided walk through the bush with one of the scouts. You can also visit Matusadona with a tented safari camp, or go on wilderness trails; click here or here for more information.

Donate to the Zambezi Society, the official sponsor for Mbizhi the rhino. Inform them that your donation is specifically for the rhinos of Tashinga. (Remember, when sending money to a foreign country from the US, a money order is always best.)

Donate to the Mbizhi Fund. Donations will go directly towards the purchase of items such as the following (and shipping costs from the US where necessary, for those items that cannot be purchased locally):
     --notebooks for maintaining the rhinos' diaries;
     --cruelty-free dishwashing liquid for washing of measuring cups, milk bottles, and other supplies;
     --rubber teats for the milk bottles;
     --video and still photo cameras and film for documentation of the rhinos' progress;
     --reference books;
     --office supplies (pencils, pens, paper, etc).

If interested in making a donation, please contact, until something more formal is set up. Note that funds benefit Mbizhi as well as other inhabitants of Tashinga.

Thank you!

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