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This is Mbizhi's mother, Chigwada.

Mbizhi's mother, Chigwada -- September 1997

You can see the large wound on her head. She also has a wound on her neck. These wounds are from being caught in a poacher's snare. Although she survived, she cannot properly raise her head, making it difficult to browse for food. She also was unable to adequately care for her daughters, Mbizhi and Chewore, in the wild due to the large amount of stress the injuries have placed on her body. She receives medication for her head wound on a daily basis, but it is doubtful that the wound will ever heal. She has carried the wound for over 5 years.

One of the problems is oxpeckers. Oxpeckers are small birds you often see on the backs of animals such as rhinos, buffaloes, and elephants. They eat ticks off the animals and are therefore beneficial pest eradicators. However, fresh blood makes for an easier meal (blood inside the ticks is what the oxpeckers are really after). Having oxpeckers peck at Chigwada's wound makes it very difficult to heal.

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